Why I’m doing this

I’m writing this blog not to TEACH someone how to do something , but to show people how “I” learned how to do something, how I’m teaching myself and in the process may help someone else learn the tech. and hopefully foster less rote thinking and more dynamic solutions in people, to see that this isn’t difficult it’s a building block of stuff and we can think at all the levels if we just step back a bit and look at the whole we see it’s all lego bricks and plumbing,


layers and layers on top of each other, and how we follow that flow is by monitoring at each layer, onions baby onions.


So that’s what i’m attempting to do with the tech side of this blog I’ve got a bunch of things to learn to get me back into the game, and as such I’m going to document my learning from what I see on the a job spec and from a general list by philip reynolds and bulk it out , it’s draft one of a draft site, and there’s opsschool but I don’t much like it’s structure so I’m gonna write my own. I want there to be levels of stuff, the base stuff the core knowledge, the stuff you have to know, then there’s the stuff that goes on top of that then how do you scale it and shit like that, all stuff i’ve done before but I’m going back to basics and trying to build a mental path from I’m a beginner to I’m a person that does DevOps.


so basically i’m writing this blog to remember shit because I’ve got the worst memory ever, and I need somewhere to have public access to my thought patterns and thoughts and be able to search for that shit in a way I can find something I need and solutions I need.


a public private mental shit.


that’s why i’m doing this



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